9 thoughts on “Free Audio Books — Ear Candy of the Ancient World

  1. Holy cow. It’s like some kind of beautiful dream…

  2. First Biblicalia posts a brand-spankin’-new translation of Clement, and now this. You’d think it was Christmas.

  3. Hot dog! I’m there! :-)

  4. Anyone else having trouble downloading?

  5. Some of them seem to work and some of them don’t… I’m getting 404 errors on the most recent post, but the second one seems to download OK.

  6. Thanks, Mike, time to reload the ol’ Treo 650.

  7. *Wow! Huge numbers of hits on my blog! Where are they coming fro…. EEK!*

    Sorry for the bad Irenaeus link, folks. I have this horrible tendency to mess up URLs or filenames when I type them in. For this reason, I do try to remember to provide an auxiliary link in the first paragraph which will lead you to the archive.org page. You can do direct download from there.

    I see I’m going to have to mind my scholarly P’s and Q’s from now on!

  8. Oh, and if you find a bad link, feel free to comment on that post. WordPress shows me the new comments right away, so that way I’ll find out about the bad links more quickly.

  9. Make yourself at home, Maureen. This is not primarily a site for scholars, though we get our share of scholarly visitors. We’re more like zealots. Most scholars who visit know where they are, and they tend to check any lingering pedantry at the door.

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