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Kill the Apostles — See Where It Gets You

Rogue Classicism reports on a gigantic head of Nero found in Chichester, England. At least some scholars think it’s Nero. It came from a monumental statue raised around the time of Nero’s reign. But at some point soon afterward it was so badly defaced (literally) as to be rendered unrecognizable. Yep, that would be Nero.

Leave it to journalists to summarize a man’s life in such a concise way. The London Observer described Nero as “a psychopathic, debauched, wife-beating matricide.”

One thought on “Kill the Apostles — See Where It Gets You

  1. Michael:
    geez that could describe some actors or rock stars ;) Seriously the Observer pretty much some up Nero’s life. Sad that he was a psychopath. Ya know, as much as Gibbons griped about Christanity, it’s agiven that he’d rather live in his own time than in Nero’s
    In any case, Christanity has helped rulers not go Anthony Perkins and that ain’t so bad


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