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Biblicalia Is Back

Kevin at Biblicalia has been experiencing major technical difficulties. But, he says, all is well now, and the database seems to have experienced a complete healing. So if you’ve tried to visit his blog, only to experience the Screen of Death, try again.

You’ll be glad you did. Kevin brings us glad tidings of Migne’s Patrologia Gracae and Patrologia Latina now available in digital format — just images for now, but XML is soon to come. In the same post, Kevin also gives us a glimpse of his deepest aspirations for his blog and for the worldwide, webwide work of translating the Fathers.

In an email, Kevin revealed what his next translation will be. But this time I’ll resist the temptation to spill the beans (as I did on poor Brad Haas earlier this year). All I can say is it’s timely, and it’s something lots of folks want to see. In fact, one of my college buddies asked me about it this very weekend. Keep checking Biblicalia. You won’t be disappointed. If the new translation isn’t up, you can feast awhile on St. Issac of Syria.

2 thoughts on “Biblicalia Is Back

  1. And look what good it did you, I’m as behind on the project as the contractors are on the roads around here.

  2. How tantalizing! I’ll put the first installment up this evening. It’s not a very long work, so it’ll likely be done by the end of the week. I have to go pick up a copy (or rather copy a copy; it’s outrageously priced) of Migne’s Patristic Greek Lexicon too, which’ll help tremendously with this one. The LSJ and BDAG are just not cutting it.

    I’m very excited by the PG project. I can’t wait to get a copy. It’s like a dream come true.

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