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Maria Monk in Her Scriptorium (and Auditorium)

Maria Lectrix has been a busy little Buckeye, posting audio files of St. Gregory the Great’s “Pastoral Care” and St. Augustine’s “On Catechizing the Unlearned” — not to mention her ongoing Aswan Dam-sized project of reading St. Irenaeus’s “Against Heresies.” The iPod was made for this.

She has also transcribed several dozen more pages of Thomas Livius’s great work on The Blessed Virgin in the Fathers of the First Six Centuries.

This lady is, without a doubt, the Cassiodorus of western Ohio.

One thought on “Maria Monk in Her Scriptorium (and Auditorium)

  1. Hee! I love Cassiodorus! Nothing like being rich, libraried, and able to persuade others to do your will!

    But honestly, it’s a great indulgence to be able to swim among great minds without having to take a class on ’em. And it preys on your mind to only know some books from excerpts and skimming.

    We really need a distributed City of God cast. I’m not crazy enough to start on that project (at least until Irenaeus is done), but I wish somebody else would do it.

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