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Prayer Request

A priest friend of mine, who teaches patristics at the local seminary, is mourning the passing of his father. Please pray for the repose of his father’s soul, and for the grace of consolation for the family.

5 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Please pray for me to get a great job soon, I do not have an income at this time. For God to heal my left heel and my spine of pain and inflamation. Thank you, God bless you.

  2. My friend Cheryl has a desperate addiction and is leading a very destructive life. Bring healing and salvation through the Holy Spirit and the Blood of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. please pray for colleen to focus on her studies and to do well, pray she make good friends soon. pray for God to open up new doors for her and for God to put her on the right path, for her well-being, peace and protection.

  4. I need a very urgent prayer.i love my wife so much.Ours was a love marriage,we
    got married after 2 years of our love.from the past 1 year we were having small
    arguments over silly things.i never understood what suddenly went wrong between
    we too.the arguments led to fights.she wants a divorce from me now. she is 7
    months pregnant. i really want her back.i want to be with her.she has left our
    home, and is now staying with her parents.her parents are forcing her t o give
    me a divorce.i dont know wht will they get by breaking a house and a marriage.i
    am praying lord to help me in this situation.i want the almighty to change my
    wifes mind towards divorce.i also want the evil which is there in her and her
    parents mind to get destroyed.i want the lord to once again invoke the love she
    had for me.and wash away the hatred she has now.i request god to forgive me for
    my sins which i did intentionally or un intentionally.i really need a urgent
    prayer.plz pray for me and my marriage..i really want her back.plzz pray for me
    urgently. jitendra.

  5. Urgent!Good morning. My name is Danna Hunter and am from Jamaica. And am requesting prayer for myself. I have recently taken FOUR CXC subjects in May of this year and is asking for your prayers towards those 4 subjects. They are- Accounts, Principles of Business,Maths and English Language. Please up lift those Four subjects up to almighty God asking him for is richest blessings and guidance towards those 4 subjects. Please Pray that I pass those 4 subjects cause they are my ticket to go off to college this September coming. Much thanks!

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