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Copts on the Beat

Study up, this weekend, on the Christianity of ancient Egypt.

Al Ahram reports on the neglect of Coptic monuments in Egypt.

Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, gives us a trove of Coptic links, including ancient texts, lives of the saints, archeological updates, everything!

More links, though not well maintenanced, from the St. Shenouda Coptic Society.

This one’s beautiful, the fruit of eighteen years of research on Coptic paintings.

2 thoughts on “Copts on the Beat

  1. Linguistics fascinate me, in particular how key words in diverse languages have semitic roots. I was charmed to discover that the heiroglyphic representation of the letter Tau is a loaf of bread (evoking mental image of Theos-Eucharist) see
    while the character we know as “s” may have started out life representing the tether pegs used by Canaanite Phoenicians to pitch their tents.
    It is indeed a blessing that this ancient brethren have persevered with the treasures of their liturgical life intact. I’m sure the Holy Father was giving a nod to our Orthodox brothers and sisters in the concluding remarks of his first encyclical, in para 40 on the saints – the earliest he quotes being St Anthony of Egypt († 356) who followed today’s Gospel text to the letter “Go, sell what you have, and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” Matthew 10:17

  2. Mike,

    FYI, a Coptic community has purchased the Diocese of Rochester’s (NY) stunningly-beautiful Ss. Peter & Paul Church. I wrote about it for Catholic Exchange last week. The Copts are building a monastery on the site dedicated to St. Shenouda.

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