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Hey, Mistah, Don’t Miss the Mystagogy

Before Lent begins, it’s good to plan ahead to the Easter season — so you’re not taken unawares. We empty ourselves during Lent so that we can be filled during Easter. St. Leo the Great said that we follow after the Apostles, who underwent their tutelage in the mysteries — their mystagogy — between Easter and Ascension, as Jesus taught them privately. That’s why the mystagogy phase of the Catholic Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults customarily takes place during Easter season.

But mystagogy isn’t just for converts. It’s the work of a lifetime. We’re lifelong disciples, trying to go ever deeper in our understanding and our experience of God, as He gives Himself, as He reveals Himself in the sacraments.

For that very task, my friend Scott Hahn and I have gathered mystagogical works from eight of the Church Fathers and divided them into meditations for  fifty days. So the book fits snugly between Easter and Pentecost. All seven of the sacraments are unveiled by the ancient masters — Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, Clement of Alexandria, Cyril of Jerusalem, Ambrose of Milan, Augustine, John Chrysostom, and Leo the Great.

Consider spending your Easter days with these teachers. But order your book today! It’s Living the Mysteries: A Guide for Unfinished Christians. (And it’s low price makes it a perfect gift for entire RCIA classes!)

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  1. Highly Recommend. So much in such a compact book and so easy to slip into a purse or pocket. Anna

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