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Peter, Paul, and Merry

Bruce and Kris at KVSS interviewed me about the feast of Saints Peter and Paul (which is today). The evidence is audible right here.

Today, please remember my beloved co-author, Fr. Kris Stubna. It’s the twenty-second anniversary of his priestly ordination. Fr. Kris and I have a new book coming out in 2008. This makes five we’ve written together, depending on how you count.

2 thoughts on “Peter, Paul, and Merry

  1. Ooh! Nobody ever told me that Boethius’ wife Elpis wrote the hymn for Ss. Peter and Paul, “Aurea luce et decore roseo”! Too cool!

    Of course, the annoying revisionists of Pope Urban rewrote the whole thing as “Decora lux”. It’s okay, I guess, if you don’t mind changing the meter, the imagery, and everything else….

  2. At first I misread the post title as “Peter, Paul, and Mary.” But it’s been a musical day today, and you may find the result amusing or thought-provoking.

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