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Passage to India

The Apostle Thomas is a figure of fascination for both believers and doubters. Since the Enlightenment, he’s been a sort of patron saint for the “seeing is believing” crowd. The ancient world celebrated him as the apostle of the East, the man who seeded India with a mystical Christianity and an enduring willingness for martyrdom. He is for the East what Peter and Paul are for the West. Alas, for us in the West, the story of Thomas’s apostolate remains little more than a rumor, sometimes further obscured by the New Age fascination for the heretical Gospel of Thomas. Some day I hope to draw together the story — from scriptural, historical, archeological, ritual, and legendary sources. Pray that I get the opportunity. In the meantime, celebrate the feast of St. Thomas by reading these posts:

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If you’d like to learn more, try to track down a copy of this book or this one.