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Pope and Antipope — an Odd Feast

Today’s the shared memorial of two former enemies, Saints Pontian and Hippolytus, pope and antipope (respectively). It’s an amazing story. I’ll be talking about P&H with Bruce and Kris McGregor on KVSS radio this morning, and eventually the audio will migrate to their Aquilina page.

Jeff Ziegler leads us to these links:

St. Pontian.
St. Hippolytus.
— The “Apostolic Tradition of St. Hippolytus is the source of Eucharistic Prayer II.
— Dieric Bouts the Elder, St. Hippolytus Triptych (after 1468).

3 thoughts on “Pope and Antipope — an Odd Feast

  1. I think I need new glasses. At first I thought the subject bar read, “Pope and Antelope – An Odd Feast”!

  2. That would be odd indeed. What wine would you serve?

  3. Very interesting. I bet they both got a good laugh when they saw eachother in Heaven!

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