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Basil Pesto

Today’s the memorial of Saints Basil and Gregory, the great Cappadocian Fathers. I’ve posted audio here, other links here. Pope Benedict has dedicated four audience talks to these two men, beginning with this one. Pope John Paul II wrote an apostolic letter, Patres Ecclesiae, on St. Basil alone — but it hasn’t been translated into English yet. Any takers?

UPDATE: Jeff Ziegler gives us these links:
St. Basil (d. 379), traditionally reckoned among the four greatest Eastern Fathers.
St. Gregory Nazianzen (d. 389 or 390).
Links to their works.
— Pope Benedict devoted four of his 2007 general audiences to SS. Basil and Gregory (see July and August).
Cardinal Newman on SS. Basil and Gregory (from his The Church of the Fathers, written in 1833, during his Anglican period).

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