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Book Meme

I got tagged by Maureen.

Here are the rules:

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. (No cheating!)
Find Page 123.
Find the first 5 sentences.
Post the next 3 sentences.

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, second edition, revised by F.L. Cross and E.A. Livingstone. It’s in the entry on Michel Baius:

“In 1560 eighteen of his propositions were censured by the Sorbonne. Even so, Baius and Hessels were chosen to represent the University in 1563 at the Council of Trent, and received the powerful protection of the King of Spain. Further publications by Baius resulted in the bull ‘Ex omnibus afflictionibus’ (1 Oct. 1567), in which a large number of propositions from his writings, or embodying his doctrine, were condemned, but which did not mention him by name.”

Why didn’t I have Hemingway on my desk?

4 thoughts on “Book Meme

  1. On this account do not dread severe diseases, nor the approach of old age, which must be expected in time;for even disease will come to an end, when with wholehearted purpose we do His commandments.
    Knowing this, make your soul strong even in the face of diseases. Be courageous, like a man in the arena, bravest to submit to his toils with strength unmoved. Don’t be utterly crushed in soul by grief, whether diseases lie heavily upon you or any other hardship befalls you, but nobly confront labors with your understanding. And give thanks to God even in the midst of your struggles, because His thoughts are wiser than ours, so much so that they are not easy or possible to discern.

    Gee, Mike…any idea who wrote that long winded collection of sentences? : )

    It was right next to me on my nightstand. Do I get a sticker or a free espresso or gelato on the next pilgrimage to Rome for being the first to comment and to find and use such a prodigious book as Living the Mysteries? I’m jus’ sayin….

  2. I got carried away and posted more than three sentences, because three wasn’t enough. They needed the other two…to complete the profound thought. :) It really is a great book, btw. I think that group of sentences might just be for my friend, Fr. G. right now. Going through another tough time.

  3. You got the sticker — and the prayers!

  4. “Weak though I was, I simply had to try. If only I could get to the ranch! Carrying my rifle, I walked steadily east along the ridge, catching an occasional glimpse of the ranch through the trees.”

    (To continue the thought)
    “Mostly I stared straight ahead, trying to walk straight, trying to keep going. Once, when a flat rock was beside the dim trail, I sat down.
    My wounds seemed to have stopped bleeding but my shirt was stuck to my back with blood and my hair was matted with it. Somehow I’d kept my hat.”
    -Louis Lamour in Passin’ Through

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