One thought on “Syriac and Scorpions

  1. The Saffron Monastery (Dayro de Kurkmo is the syriac name) is very well-known among millions of syrian orthodox around the world: here in Sweden we have about 150.000 of them (The population of
    Sweden is 9 millions), thrifty and very consciously christian people with a strong faith.
    The turkish press has normally tried to minimize the christian presence in Turkey: this article gives hope for a better future.
    The whole area around is UNESCO World cultural heritage, called “Mardin Cultural Landscape” and including the monastery.
    The former swedish minister of education (imagine!), Mr. Ibrahim Baylan was born not far away from this monastery and was on his way to become a monk when he had to flee to Sweden (and the social democrat party!) in 1980
    See also:
    A blessed Paschal season to all you western christians! We will join you on the 27. of April!
    Fr Mikael Liljeström,
    Eastern orthodox priest in Sweden

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