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Holy Martyrs Fun Fair

There’s a town not far from me called Tarentum, and in Tarentum there’s a parish called Holy Martyrs, and every summer the parish hosts the “Holy Martyrs Fun Fair” — the signs for which always bring a smile to the face of my friend and sometime co-author Chris Bailey. He’s imagining, no doubt, Neronian spectacles. The reality is probably more like Bingo and pierogies.

But it seems that the Eternal City is planning its own Holy Martyrs fun fair on a grand scale: a Disney-style theme park. Not even Chris could make this up.

3 thoughts on “Holy Martyrs Fun Fair

  1. Holy Martyrs is still a poor substitute for the one that used to be my favorite: “Mother of Sorrows Festival,” as advertised on big banners strung across Island Avenue in McKees Rocks.

  2. Can you provide me any sites to explore history of this church? Specifically the two or three smaller churches that were combined to form this new parish?

  3. Best place to begin is here ….
    Click on “Photo gallery and list of parishes in the diocese by county and founding date”

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