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Dee-fense, Dee-fense

Yancy Smith posted the following on Roger Pearse’s blog:

I will be defending my dissertation “Hippolytus’ Commentary on the Song of Songs in Social and Critical Context” on Nov. 19. Drs. Carolyn Osiek, David L. Balch, and Jeffrey Childers (Syriac, Georgian expert) are my committee. Thanks of the input and for your prayers.

Please keep him in mind. He’s doing important work.

One thought on “Dee-fense, Dee-fense

  1. I did pass my defense in November. Currently I am finishing up corrections on the translation of Hippolytus’ Commentary on the Song of Songs. In the dissertation I argue in support of the notion that the commentary was produced to be performed during the celebrations surrounding Passover baptism. I hope that it will give insight into certain ancient practices of the celebration of postbaptismal anointing, the celebration of Easter/Passover, and the Eucharist. The Georgian and Greek texts are presented in full. The dissertation includes a translation into English of all the relevant fragments (esp. Georgian, Greek). For the Paleo-Slavic florilegia I give only my English translation of Bonwetch. It will be available in the Texas Christian University Library sometime this summer. Meanwhile I will be searching for a publisher. Perhaps the translation will be published separately from my introductory chapters on authorship, social setting, and hermeutical approach.

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