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Soundtrack for Your Patrickstics

Speaking of Celtic spirituality: My friend Bob Pegritz, the world’s premier Irish whistler, posted a rather jazzy session on YouTube. (Here’s his whole YouTube archive.) He blogs, too.

Those of you who are, right now, feverishly plagiarizing Darrell Pursiful’s course on Celtic Christianity for classes in your own parish can use Bob’s whistle for a soundtrack.

There’s nothing in the Irish Penitentials that says you shouldn’t. Is there, Darrell?

One thought on “Soundtrack for Your Patrickstics

  1. Nothing that I’m aware of…yet! Although technically, I should clarify that I’m pinch-hitting one Sunday for the “real” teacher, who has made several pilgrimages to the Iona Community and, you know, actually knows something about this stuff. :-)

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