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Mike Dubruiel, Rest in Peace

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Michael Dubruiel, who was an editor of mine and always a great encouragement. It was he who thought up the idea for Living the Mysteries: A Guide for Unfinished Christians, a patristic collection I edited with Scott Hahn, and The How-To Book of Catholic Devotions: Everything You Need to Know but No One Ever Taught You, which I wrote with Regis Flaherty.

Mike was author of (inter alia) The How-To Book of the Mass: Everything You Need to Know but No One Ever Taught You, the book I most often hand out to non-Catholics who want to understand Catholic worship.

Mike was married to blogger-author Amy Welborn. Their children are very young. Please pray, too, for their consolation. He was fifty years young.

I’m in a state of shock.

11 thoughts on “Mike Dubruiel, Rest in Peace

  1. I am in a state of shock at this news. We are praying hard here for Michael, Amy and the kids.

  2. I am shocked at the news. Amy was and is my first read on the Catholic blogosphere each morning.

    Please let us readers know if there is a fund for their children.

    May Michael rest in God’s love.

  3. So terribly sad and shocking. My prayers for them, and for the repose of his soul. I can’t believe it.

  4. What a sad day. My prayers for the repose of Michael’s soul, and the consolation of Amy and the children.

  5. Our hearts are aching for Amy, the kids, and their entire family. Michael was a generous, gentle spirit who shared so much with us all. I provide the below link on our website which contains all of the interviews/teachings Michael gave us; they are used by so many throughout the world to grow closer to Christ. The compassion in his voice conveys so much… he will be so greatly missed

  6. I will offer Mass for him and his family this very day. This is terrible news. Such a tragedy.

  7. oh my goodness! Amy and Mike were my first introduction into the blogging world and Mike’s book, How to get the most out of the Eucharist was one of my favorites.

    I’m heartbroken for Amy and the children…how devastating!

  8. Aww, sorry about Mike…. May he rest in peace. :(

  9. I just discovered Michael and his work tonight and then learned that he has left us! I will pray for him, his family and you, Mike, and the rest of his colleagues and friends.

  10. A friend is raising funds to help the family here:


  11. You can also purchase Michael’s books for the sake of helping the family directly through Our Sunday Visitor. They are doubling the expected proceeds from each book in order to add to the boys’ college savings.

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