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Memories of Michael

Amy Welborn posted my reminiscences of her late husband, Michael Dubruiel, who was my editor for many years. (In case you missed my post: Michael died suddenly on February 3 at age fifty. Danielle Bean has set up a fund for the benefit of Mike and Amy’s very young children. If you can give a bit, please do.

You can also “give a bit” — and get a lot in return — by buying Michael’s books. I recommend especially The How-To Book of the Mass: Everything You Need to Know but No One Ever Taught You and A Pocket Guide to the Mass. These are the best step-by-step introductions to Catholic worship I’ve seen.

2 thoughts on “Memories of Michael

  1. FYI I saw the other day on OSV that they’re doubling the proceeds given to the Dubriel children’s college fund through the sale of The How to Book of the Mass during the month of February. Here is the link:

  2. Dear Mike,

    My wife bought the How-To Book of the Mass through our church about a month ago. I had been meaning to read it, but just never seemed to get to it. I started reading it after learning about Michael’s passing and reading more about him on his and his wife’s blog. Even as a cradle Catholic, I am getting so much out of the How-To Book of the Mass. It serves the purpose of explaining what actions take place during Mass and why. But what is great about the book is the true How-To part, which is how to make the Mass more meaningful every time we go. He shows or reminds us (through what I’ve read so far) that every part of the Mass is an opportunity for us to give (offer) ourselves to God. I am still reading this book, but I look forward to reading some of his other books. Just from reading this book and reading about him on the internet, I know he will truly be missed.

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