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Happiness and Knowledge

My two oldest daughters are happy and they know it. Their puppet video is part of some contest. I think they get bonus points if you view their video, and they get thrilled if you comment. So make them happier still!

Eldest now tells me that the grand prize is a guitar. I wonder if it comes with headphones.

UPDATE: my daughters say an explanation is in order. Their video is actually a parody of the work of a “screamo” group. Screamo is a combination of “scream” and “emo” (from emotional, with teen connotations). This helps, I suppose. I had thought it to be an exploration in epistemology, perhaps Augustinian for its emphasis on happiness. How do we know we’re happy?

4 thoughts on “Happiness and Knowledge

  1. Leave a comment? Done and dusted.

  2. Hi Mike,
    boy are your girls “High Tech”. They should win hands down. Good luck.
    Patrice/Bob McKenna.

  3. Bob and Patrice: There’s no limit to what these girls can accomplish, as long as they’re wearing the RIGHT scarves.

  4. Hi Mike;
    hahahah. Hey,I still owe you a dollar.
    Please alert your readers to Steve Ray’s blog. He has a video on Father’s Day. If this doesnot tug at your heart strings, your not alive.
    all the best, Bob.

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