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Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Scott and Kimberly Hahn and I closed out the Year of St. Paul with a special two-day event at spacious St. Thomas More Church in Bethel Park, Pa. There were three talks and a weekend-long book fair. The parishioners were lovely.

Father Z provides reports and commentary on the breaking St. Paul news — namely, what was found in his tomb, and the discover of the oldest icon of St. Paul (fourth century).

Happy feast day, everybody. Celebrate!

3 thoughts on “Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

  1. Yes it is remarkabel, and an example of how stable christian tradition really is. I am surprised that nobody mentions “The most perfect of the ancient representations of St. Peter and St. Paul are those of the well-known bronze medal, dating from the second century, discovered by Boldetti in the catacomb of Domitilla and now in the Christian museum of the Vatican. The types of the catacomb frescoes are here readily recognized: the close cut, curly hair and short beard of St. Peter, and the longer beard and fine head of St. Paul”
    Quote from
    Fr Mikael

  2. I always loved that church. They had a nice Bl. Sacrament chapel plus a huge full immersion baptismal font that you could probably go scuba diving in.

  3. Since you say “probably,” I’m assuming the guards got to you in time.

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