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Arms and the Blogger

Almost daily I receive requests for photos of myself in the armor of a Roman centurion.

OK, maybe not that often … maybe I’ve never received such a request. But since I have the photo, I’m posting it, along with a shot of me with Barbara Bell (author of Minimus) and the illustrious Zee Poerio of Excellence Through Classics. I don’t know the name of the other armored man.

5 thoughts on “Arms and the Blogger

  1. Sense and Centurion.

  2. You punsters really should be censured.

  3. Looking good, Mike…that look suits you! :)

  4. Re: Armo Bloggerusque

    I regret to inform you you’re too early for the SCA (“Society for Creative Anachronism”).

  5. Reminds me of David trying to don Saul’s armor. Your slingshot is the pen though (or the computer word processor that is).

    A symbolic armor works better! Thanks for the pictures.


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