3 thoughts on “Liturgical Laughs

  1. Thanks, Mike. I find the Didascalia fascinating, and I think it deserves much more study, as a snapshot of church life in the second half of the third century, one of my favorite periods of history.

  2. “Msgr. Pope” That just makes me smile.


  3. Hey Mike, thanks for popping in recently. I was delighted to see your comment. Kris returns from Guatemala tomorrow. I’ve not seen her for quite a long time, so looking forward to her return. Also, Maryella stays in contact with me, and tells me of all the goings on at Steubenville. Would love to make another pilgrimage. Do you know if there is going to be one to England sometime? I would absolutely be giddy to go the entire British Isles actually. I have a friend in Wales I’d love to meet. I’ve never met her in person. To rent a car and go to the “Eagle & Child” aka: “The Bird & Baby” where Lewis and Tolkien hammered out the issues and pounded a pint, or sipped their port of whatever libation they enjoyed. How cool would that be? God willing, I’ll make it there some day. God bless.

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