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I just found out there’s a Mike Aquilina fan page on Facebook. I didn’t do it, and neither did my 93-year-old mom. Neither of us has a Facebook account! (Just in case you’re wondering why my mother doesn’t appear among my fans.)

7 thoughts on “Fandom

  1. I’ve got to go sign up!

  2. Me too!!

  3. count me in. I’d be honored to be your 12th fan!! Seriously… something worth considering: Facebook is being used as an amazing evangelization tool I hear. Fr. Barron is making pretty good use of it:

  4. Mike…Mike…we need you on Facebook. We do not have a real fighting chance of changing the temporal order without you located on this social media giant…it would like if Peter or Paul never went to Rome…Mike…Mike…quo vadis!

  5. Mike, we love you! Come on over!!

  6. I agree totally with Kris! Our late John Paul II said that we should use modren technology for the new evangelization…what better way than to use Facebook! I’ll be your friend! ;o)

  7. I’m thinking about it.

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