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The New Book Is Out!

A copy of my book The Grail Code is in my hands and so, I suppose, in the hands of Amazon and other booksellers as well. I hope you’ll have it in your kind hands before too long.

What does the Holy Grail have to do with the Church Fathers? I’m glad you asked. I’ll be blogging that over the next few days. My co-author Christopher Bailey, whom I’ve exalted in these pages before, is blogging on the Grail legends more specifically at, our website.

Chris and I wanted to rescue the Grail from its captivity by the wacko fringe. In our book, we track the history of the legends, their origins, and their ends. I hope you’ll join us for the Quest.

7 thoughts on “The New Book Is Out!

  1. Mike:
    Congrats and thanks for the link. I’ve always enjoyed learning more about the Holy grail.
    Question: was the grail/chalic/cup ever part of the Jewish religious cermeonies? I’ve always been curious about that tidbit.

  2. The cup certainly was integral to Jewish liturgy. We go into the subject in some detail.

  3. PW wasn’t kind in the review. But let’s face it there is a “wacky fringe” represented by the da Vinci code crowd. If the label fits…

    Also is the expanted version of the Fathers of the Church out yet?

  4. I kind of like the PW review. It wasn’t till the end that they called us rude. Everything they said up till then was kind of nice. Still, I don’t think it’s rude to call a literary character a cad — or call a fringe a fringe.

    The expanded edition of the Fathers has been delayed till early Fall. Sorry about that.

  5. Congratulations Mike!!! I can’t wait to feature it on Pope St. Nicholas V. Now you need to get Borders and Barnes & Noble to put it on thei Da Vinci tables — get your marketing genius son on top of that.

    Will you excuse my ignorance if I ask what is PW?

  6. PW is Publishers Weakly. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Mike said: “PW is Publishers Weakly”

    Ha! You’re a master of word play ….

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