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What Has Athens to Do with Bulgaria?

Bulgarian archeologists say they have unearthed an ancient temple-turned-church that is “five times larger than Athens’ Acropolis.” And where there’s a church, there are liturgical items.

A bronze cross containing relics of the Holy Cross was also discovered at the site close to the southern city of Kurdzhali, and is the first preserved woodchip from Jesus’ cross found in Bulgaria.

The Acropolis-rivaling temple dates back to the Bronze Age and is the biggest on the Balkans. The whole complex is spread over 7.5 square kilometres and covers the whole Perperikon peak. People came to pray at that spot for a period of over 2,000 years …

Finders of the bronze cross were thrilled as well, as … its sacred contents were very well preserved, because it was hermetically sealed. The cross [bears] Jesus’ image on the front and the Holy Mother’s on the back…

There are a few more details at Sofia News Agency.