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Mark Your Calendars Now!

Last week, blogger Huw Raphael at Sarx noted the proximity of the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary in the Roman calendar (October 7) and the feast of the Protection of the Mother of God in the Byzantine calendar. An Orthodox believer who blogs for mutual understanding, Huw came up with an ingenious idea, which I heartily endorse:

These two feast seem to be to be analogues. And coming within a week of each other they form a seemingly logical period of prayer and intercession for Christians — of all denominations — who stand in need of the Blessed Virgin’s intercession. Go from 29 September, with the Feast of Michaelmas, including the feast of the the Holy Guardian Angels on the 2nd, and we’ve got a right handy ready-meade novena for protection.

Granted, this is irrelevant until next year. Maybe we can breathe with both lungs.

Auxilium Christianorum, O.P.N.!

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  1. Mark Your Calendars Now…

    WE’RE A YEAR Away from it now, but now we’ve got two.

    Monday 1 October 2007 – Sunday 7 October 2007 a Week of Prayer to Our Lady the Help …

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