3 thoughts on “Venite Via

  1. Great, now I have it in my head as well. I forwarded it onto my dad who will also enjoy it but have the same earworm going!
    Happy St. Lucy day!

  2. Thanks a lot! One more thing I can’t get out of my head….

  3. Hello, all worthy visitors on this fine site!

    I am an orthodox priest in Sweden. “Lucia” is celebrated everywhere, in homes, in workplaces and schools and universities: the Nobel laureates are shock-treated by a lady in white with a crown of light on her head and a big choir, waking them up *very* early in the morning and singing in glorious choir settings this napolitane barcarole -the lyrics celebrate the vitory of light in darkness.
    They also perform the traditional songs belonging to this feast – honoring St Stephen, among others. This tradition, once a sort of simple merryment at the darkest day of the year (in the julina calendar) has become quite widespread.
    The society for swedish-speaking orthodox christianity in Finland has Sta Lucia as its patron: I have been in the procession myself going through the streets of central Helsinki, singing “Holy Lucia, pray to God for us!” and the choir responding beautifully…
    An amazing experience in this very nordic, modern, basically lutheran and secular environment!

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