4 thoughts on “Therefore She Is

  1. To counter her praise, I’ll suggest that your blog is too dangerous for compulsive book buyers. Every book you post a link for is truly an instant “must have”. I’m not even through Sacrimentum Caritatis, yet. When you linked to the $300 Ante-Nicene Fathers collection a while back, that was cruel and inhumane.

  2. It *is* cruel and inhumane. That’s the one thing Mike doesn’t think about.

  3. Next thing you know I’ll be charged with insensitivity. Then the storm troopers will be at my door.

  4. Ha! Maybe the insenstivity charge can be filed under coming out with 2nd editions after I’ve just purchased the first edition. ;-)

    However, the arrival of the second editions allow me to perfect my charity. First editions make great gifts!

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