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In the Nick of History

Maureen Wittmann, my personal homeschooling guru, is also the founder and moderator of the Pope St. Nicholas V group at Yahoo. The purpose of the list is noble and edifying: “to help Catholics make purchasing suggestions to their public libraries.” Maureen spots new books that are promising, provides their basic bibliographic information, links to reviews and endoresements — and, most important of all, she trains library cardholders in the delicate diplomacy of putting the petition to our town or county library systems.

Maureen kindly listed my book The Resilient Church: The Glory, the Shame, and the Hope for Tomorrow as this week’s featured title on Pope St. Nick.

Maureen’s own books, Catholic Homeschool Companion and A Catholic Homeschool Treasury, approach canonical status for homeschoolers in this home.

2 thoughts on “In the Nick of History

  1. Maureen is indeed a treasure!

  2. I’m a homeschooler who has recently joined the efforts of Pope St. Nicholas V, and I’m looking forward to meeting Maureen in person at the KC Catholic Homeschool Conference this month!

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