2 thoughts on “Reviews from Down Under

  1. I just ordered the St. Peter’s book. I already have the Ancient Rome on 5 Denarii a Day book and it’s excellent. I just wish these books were available in electronic format for my Kindle. In 2006 on my first trip to Rome I took way too many books and was weighed down something awful. I could have taken all those books in electronic format in just 11 ounces. The downside of the Kindle is it doesn’t do justice to photographs. It would be great to have excellent histories and guidebooks as e-books while you’re wandering around Rome (and other places) all in one easy to carry package. Another excellent book on Rome is Georgina Masson’s Companion Guide to Rome

  2. I have the opposite problem. When I go to Rome, I BUY too many books and then have to pay fees to get my luggage through the airline’s checking system.

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