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Another Patristic-Era Cemetery Found

This one in Ireland:

Three ringforts were also found at Camblin. One of them included a small cemetery dating to the 6th to 7th Century. Archaeologists say the cemetery would have been in use before the Bishops of Roscrea had formalised human burial into consecrated churchyards.

‘Burials were all in the Christian manner, although some of the bodies seem to have been more casually interred, such as one where the legs were bent to fit into a small grave The burials included people of all ages and it is likely the site was used for several hundred years,’ according to the archaeological report on the motorway route commissioned by the National Roads Authority.

The report said the concentration of ancient sites discovered near the present N62 Templemore Road at Camblin reflected the location of the ancient Roscrea to Cashel routeway.

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  1. I live in a place called Fairymount, there is a ring fort at the summit of the hill. Unbaptised childrens burial mounds are everywhere here in Ireland.

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