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Imperial Birthroom

Interesting digs in Serbia:

The latest discovery once against confirms that the archaeological location of Medijan has greater significance than it is usually credited, with its links to Constantine the Great (280-337 A.D.), and as a residence of the Roman emperors in the third and fourth century AD, archaeologists say.

The site is located near the road leading from Niš to Niška Banja…

From the early Christian period, archaeologists have uncovered what they believe to be Germanic graves.

What are the links to Constantine? He was born in Naissus (Niš). There are remains of a fourth-century Imperial villa nearby, as well as other pricey pieces of ancient real estate. Luxurious mosaics have been found there. It will be interesting to find out whether those “Germanic graves” from “the early Christian period” were Christian graves — and what was in the graves, besides bones.