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Master Stroke!

Jesuit Father Raymond Gawronski has this to say about the book I co-authored with Father Kris Stubna, Take 5: On the Job Meditations With St. Ignatius:

Take 5 is a very rich collection of gems from the very practical yet profound wisdom of St. Ignatius Loyola, one of the greatest spiritual masters the world has known. The authors have mined the deep veins of St. Ignatius’ many writings to present a most helpful and balanced overview of what it is to be an active apostle in the marketplace. It is a work that Jesuits have been doing for centuries: that is, helping people in the world order their lives according to God’s plan to live the mission that God shares with us in Jesus. Now, in our time which has been re-discovering the mystical dimension of the spiritual life Take 5 offers a fine, solid and much needed help toward laying the ascetical foundation that is the key to “finding God in all things.”

That means much coming from EWTN’s own Ignatian master! In a note to us, he added: “I greatly enjoyed the book, and really do believe it is a fine contribution. It is wonderfully sober — a key spiritual virtue — and very thorough and solid in its research and presentation. So congratulations and thanks…! May the work prosper!”

Don’t forget to buy copies for your co-workers! It’s a low, low price.