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Call It Matristics

At last, it’s out!

I’m talking, of course, about Karen Edmisten’s The Rosary: Keeping Company with Jesus and Mary, a beautiful, beautiful book. It’s my great honor to have written the book’s foreword, telling the story of my mom and her many Rosaries down the years.

If you haven’t visited Karen’s blog, you should. But I hope you won’t tarry long before going to Amazon to order your own copy of The Rosary: Keeping Company with Jesus and Mary (plus maybe a few for friends and family). Do it for Mother’s Day. Do it for my mom. Do it for our Mom!

One thought on “Call It Matristics

  1. Mike, thank you for this kind and beautiful post. I’m really the one honored, but I promise to stop arguing about that.

    Tell your mom thanks from me for that beautiful foreword. :)

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