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Happy Days Here to Stay

Anyone who’s spent more than a minute browsing this blog’s archives knows that I’m a huge fan of Happy Catholic. On popular culture, on family life, on Church stuff, she manages always to get things just right. Her happiness is not an irritatingly persistent cheer, but something deep that draws from the theological virtue of hope.

Her blog is a delight, but I’m happy to have her now in book form. Servant Books has just published Julie Davis’s Happy Catholic: Glimpses of God in Everyday Life. I read it in manuscript, but I like it even more now that it has a bright, sunny cover. I’d read it again if I could wrest it from my wife’s grip. I suppose I’ll have to buy a second copy. But that’s OK, because it’s an excellent book to keep on hand for passing out to inquirers or fallen-away or disaffected Catholics. Julie knows how to lead readers, at just the right pace, to see the Church’s human and divine aspects for what they are: human (long sigh) and divine (wow!). For me, she defines realism because her realism reminds me so much of my mom’s and my wife’s.

Here’s the blurb I have on the back cover: Julie Davis carries the spirit of St. Justin Martyr into the twenty-first century. He said ‘Everything good is ours,” and Julie delights in it all: movies, literature, cooking, TV, paintings, house pets, and a cool drink on a warm Texas evening. To be a Happy Catholic is to possess a faith with an attractive power. People want the kind of happiness Julie Davis has. God made us for it. And there’s so, so much of it in this book.

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  1. Just bought it – love the Vatican flag colors on the cover! Great gift book!

  2. Mike! Copy, cut and paste on an Amazon review – this is perfect

  3. But wait! Use your Happy Days Here To Stay! Perfect!

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