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Blessed the Barron

The long-awaited book Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith is out and buyable!

When Father Barron is talking, I can’t stop listening. Whatever he writes, I can’t put down unfinished. He loves the people he addresses. He writes about what matters to us. To read him is to be loved in word after word. In these pages, heart speaks to heart.

Don’t miss it!

6 thoughts on “Blessed the Barron

  1. I couldn’t figure out your heading for this post. the I realized “Blessed are the Barron” was gramatically unacceptable.

  2. I can’t wait to buy one to read. I do love Fr. Barron so so much. He is such an intellectual giant truly and really. God bless him always. Amen.


  3. Mike, I followed your amazon link and it says its not released yet. Where did you get your copy?

  4. Mike, Caught the second half of your program last night on EWTN from Franciscan Univ. I’d like to view the whole program. At the end you noted some books about the times of the Doctors. I didn’t write them down. One had ‘grain’ in the title. Ive pre-ordered a copy of Father Baron’s new book, due out tomorrow. Thank you for all you’ve done to increase my knowledge of the Church.

  5. Amen! Fr. Barron is amazing!

  6. Hi Mike –

    Yes, Fr. Barron’s series on Catholicism has been great to watch on PBS, of all tv stations here in Maryland. I’m teaching RCIA this year, and the director has recommended Fr. Barron’s series to the class. Your book on the Mass written with Cardinal Wuerl should also be useful to some of the candidates. One of the RCIA team members wants to recommend it to our group. I couldn’t
    agree more!

    All the very best and hope to see you on pilgrimage again.



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