5 thoughts on “The Hottest Desktop in the 4th Century

  1. WELCOME to the blogging world, Mike!!!

    Looking forward to reading MORE about the early Church Fathers!


  2. I saved the Catacombs of Naples as my new desktop. The kids got a kick out of it when they saw it this morning. Skeletons are cool ;-).

  3. Thanks for the link. I chose one of the Good Shepherd themes from the catacombs.

  4. Great St. Nicholas icon in there, Mike. I was thinking it would be great to get an icon of St. Nicholas popping the heretic Arius right in the schnoits – maybe even a slo-mo sequence – that I could put up for Christmas. Has this ever been done? A little violent, but St. Michael pics don’t exactly get a G-rating either.

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