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Indiana Wants Me

Jeremy at Living Among Mysteries posted an appreciative review of my new book, The Grail Code: Quest for the Real Presence. Jeremy is a Hoosier, a gentleman and a scholar, so you should feel confident basing your book-buying decisions on his judgments. (He also claims the charism of infallibility, which may be a first for Missouri Synod Lutherans.)

My co-author, Chris Bailey, has lots of new material at Chris has moved from the historical Arthur to the historical Merlin and now to the historical Nennius. And he had this to say upon the release of the Canadian French edition of our book.

Well, we haven’t quite caught up to Dan Brown—not yet, anyway—but in June, The Grail Code will be available in a Canadian French edition from Novalis.

“Ce livre,” says the Novalis site, “ne se présente pas comme une nouvelle critique du livre de Dan Brown. Il propose plutôt de comprendre ce qui fascine les hommes dans la quête du Graal.” In other (more English) words, “This book doesn’t offer a new critique of Dan Brown’s book. Instead, it sets out to understand what fascinates people in the quest for the Grail.”

And there you have a measurement of the immensity of the Da Vinci Code industry. You can’t offer a book about the Holy Grail without telling people where it stands in relation to Dan Brown’s book. I’d hardly be human if I didn’t envy Dan Brown’s billion-dollar success once in a while, but I’m happy that Mike and I have more to offer than just another study guide to a popular novel.

Our book is, of course, the best way to counter the historical bloomers in The Da Vinci Code, but we hope readers will still enjoy our book when all the Dan Brown hype has died down. The world of the great Grail romances is much more interesting than the world of paranoid conspiracy theories.

I hear rumors that more languages are on the way. Today, Montreal—tomorrow, the world! (You may imagine a few seconds of unhinged maniacal laughter if you like.)

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  1. Hey, it’s a great book. I can’t help but recommend it. And, by the way, I only claim infallibility on my musical pronouncements. I have impeccable taste.

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