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The First Urbane Christians

Close upon the heels of its excellent review of the Gospel of Judas, The New Yorker has published a hilarious review of The Da Vinci Code movie. It’s by Anthony Lane, who admits that he has recited the Nicene Creed throughout his adult life. He has an excellent grasp of history, to match his virtuoso command of the language. Lane compares Ron Howard’s rendering of the Council of Nicea to a Beastie Boys concert. Can The New Yorker really be emerging as a useful source of Christian apologetics? (Ssshhh. Don’t let the editors find out.) Hat tip: JPN.

One thought on “The First Urbane Christians

  1. Mike:
    Yeah. The last paragraph is a hilarious riff on Handel’s Messeih. Honestly, Anthony Lane illustrates how dangerous an erudite critic well versed in Western humanities is toward a flacculent movie.
    I was struck by his appraisal of Audrey Tautou. I sorta agree that she doesn’t radiate senuality. Even a mag spread of her wearing some really elegant Chanel clothes failed to smoulder like say Monica Belluci. Still, I like Audrey. She was whimiscal in Amélie and was quite good in un longue dimanche de fiancelles. I feel for her that she starred in a memorable turkey for her first foray in English


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