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The Feast of the Visitation

St. Athanasius on today’s Marian feast, the Visitation:

[Mary] greets Elizabeth: the Mother of the Master greets [the mother] of the servant; the Mother of the king greets the mother of the soldier; the Mother of God greets the mother of the man; the Virgin greets the married woman. She greets Elizabeth with an outward greeting, and when the two greet each other in a visible manner, the Holy Spirit, who dwelt in Mary’s womb, incites him who is in Elizabeth’s womb, as one who urges on his friend, “Hurry, get up!”

A great and timely Holy Spirit connection. The great Father goes on to praise Mary in so many of the terms we use today: the New Eve, the Ark of the Covenant, Queen of Angels, and Blessed Virgin. I could quote pages. But you really should read the book — Mary and the Fathers of the Church: The Blessed Virgin Mary in Patristic Thought by Luigi Gambero.