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Prefer Nothing to Christ

Father Bob McCreary, the great retreat master and scholar of St. Bonaventure, draws our attention to the line “Prefer nothing to Christ,” which is well known from the Rule of St. Benedict. Father Bob points out, however, that Benedict was quoting the third-century bishop St. Cyprian of Carthage. Surely Benedict assumed that his readers would know the other half of Cyprian’s exhortation — the why of it all.

“Prefer nothing to Christ, because He preferred nothing to us, and on our account preferred evil things to good, poverty to riches, servitude to rule, death to immortality.”

A good thought to keep while turning in for the night, or rising in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Prefer Nothing to Christ

  1. Well said! I am fortunate enough live with Fr. Bob McCreary at Borromeo Seminary, where I am in formation for the Diocese of Cleveland alongside my Capuchin brothers from the province of St. Augustine (my spiritual director goes to him for spiritual direction). Fr. Bob is the the most Christlike man that I know, and he truely manifests what it means to “Prefer nothing to Christ.”
    Pax Christi Tecum

  2. Fr. Bob McCreary has touched my life in a deep and profound way. He embodies all that is Christlike. I was privileged to have him for a semester at St. Mary Seminary in Cleveland, OH.

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