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Did the Fathers Use Mac or PC?

Rod Bennett reports the archeological discovery of a patristic-era computer. (I’m not making this up.) The big question is, of course, which operating system the Fathers would use. It’s a question ripe with theological implication, as Umberto Eco pointed out in his 1994 essay “The Holy War: Mac vs. DOS.” Eco echoes my allegiances exactly. Rod’s reporting is delightful as always.

7 thoughts on “Did the Fathers Use Mac or PC?

  1. “Faith and begorrah!” says St. Patrick. “Everyone knows ’tis Mac that were the Father’s favorites.”

  2. Sorry Julie, but the Latin word for sin is the same word for apple. Besides the answer is obviously Red Hat Linux as detailed here.

    Besides are second Pope was named Linus so Linux isn’t much of a stretch.

  3. In fact Jeff, Linux was created by Linus Torvalds. I am sure he was named for our 2nd Pope :)

  4. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff … apples weren’t on the tree of knowledge. I think it was pomegranites (or Middle Eastern fruit like that). Probably because God knew Apple would be the computer of his children in the Faith. Didn’t want that stigma following them!

  5. Read the New Testament, where Jesus speaks of the Gates of hell.

  6. Mike,
    Once again you’ve made your thoughts perfectly clear.

    But hasn’t the Book of Job(s)been called the most difficult book in the Bible?

  7. Yes, but also the most comforting and among the greatest works of art.

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