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Zee Grail! Zee Grail!

Father Z is, with reverence, examining one of the contenders for the title of Holy Grail. He tracks it through the era of the Fathers, right down to our own day. The post comes complete with photos of Pope John Paul II kissing the chalice, and Pope Benedict pondering his upcoming pilgrimage to its home. (Yes, I can read his mind, but only this once.) Visit Father Z today!

And, if you’re a true Grail-seeker, I hope you’re familiar with my blog’s sibling site, The Grail Code, which is manned by His Honor and Eminence, Christopher John Bailey. Chris is an old friend and co-author of my latest book, The Grail Code: Quest for the Real Presence. The book is available in Canadian French as Graal Code: Enquête sur le mystère du Graal. Today Chris and I got word that the book will soon be published in German, from Gütersloher Velaghaus. Quest on!