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A Weathervane Pillar

Adrian Murdoch at Bread and Circuses has posted a photo of a column inscribed in honor of the Emperor Julian the Apostate — but later edited for re-dedication to Theodosius the Christian. (And they say the gods are fickle.)

The photo is from a most remarkable website, Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity. If you’ve ever wondered how archeologists make sense of the rubble of successive eras — pagan Greek, Byzantine, Islamic — visit this site and see it in action. You’ll find very technical (but quite interesting) discussions of the city’s Christian remains here, here, and here. Good photos abound.

5 thoughts on “A Weathervane Pillar

  1. I like the discussion of the sports doctor’s grave. And the one where they talk about why is there all that graffiti up on the balconies. (I’m guessing because the women usually sat up there with the little kids, and the little kids got really bored during the sermon, and nobody could see what they were doing to the balcony….)

  2. And the sermons were very, very long.

  3. I actually like long sermons…if they’re good of course!

  4. Well, then, we know you’re (probably) not responsible for the graffiti in the balcony.

  5. Nah, I’d (probably) be sitting as close to the front as I could anyways.

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