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Prologues by the Dozen

I was going to post links to all the new Prologues of St. Jerome that are up on Biblicalia. But every time I pause long enough to sip from my water glass, Kevin posts two more. I give up. Go check out his Psalms (both Septuagint and Hebrew), Job, all the books of Solomon, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah…

You might also check out the comments field for my post on the feast of Saints Pontian and Hippolytus. Kevin successfully persuades me to be nicer to Tertullian.

One thought on “Prologues by the Dozen

  1. Thanks Mike! Well, that won’t be happening for much longer since there are only three left, one of which I translated already years ago (the one to Pope Damasus for the Gospels that explains the Eusebian canon tables). I have the very short prologue to The Twelve Minor Prophets, which is the last of St Jerome’s prologues to do, and then the prologue to the Letters of Paul, the author of which I don’t know. So within the next couple of days, maybe even tomorrow night, they should all be done, at least in this first sweep. Then comes the editing and posting on one page, which’ll be more useful for everyone, I think. I’ve learned alot by doing this, since so many of them had no English or other translations to “cheat” with. Anyhow stay tuned!

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