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  1. Dear Mike,

    Great Site, specially the Audio Talks in MP3 Format on “The Church Fathers”.

    I am an Indian Latin Rite Catholic of Portuguese Descent from the Former Portuguese Descent of Goa on the West Coast of India.

    I am not sure whether you are aware that E.W.T.N. is not available in India anymore, in fact it was banned or shut down by the Indian Federal Government way back in May 2006.

    I was wondering if you could tell me where on the Internet I can get MP3 Audio Talks of Father John Corapi.


  2. Dominic,
    Thanks for your kind words. I’m sorry to hear about the ban on EWTN. It seems you’re undergoing a time of (mostly) subtle persecution in India. That’s sad. I find very little of Fr. Corapi available free online. Here’s one link:

  3. Dear Mike,

    Many thanks for the Link and for your kind words too.

    It is so odd that till E.W.T.N. was available in India — I used to watch your show every Wednesday Night with Scott Hahn– I don’t exactly remember the name of the show but it had something to do with the “Sacrament of Confession”

    Now, I guess I will have to get used to downloading or listening to E.W.T.N’s awesome Podcasting that is available on their site.

    Tomorrow is Mission Sunday.

    Keep us and Asian as well as South asian Catholics in your prayers.

    My Ancestors were converted by Zealous Portuguese Jesuit Missionaries led by Saint Francis Xavier and those who followed in his footsteps in the late 16th Century from Hinduism.

    Keep in touch whenever u can at the email address I provided.

  4. That show was “Lord, Have Mercy,” and I think the audio is available free at ewtn.com. Scott and I have taped six series for EWTN. I pray we’ll get back to India!

  5. Dear Mike,

    Greetings on “Mission Sunday” which we celebrate today.

    You are quite right. That show was indeed “Lord Have Mercy”. It was so awesome. It used to come on Wednesday Nights at 10.00 P.M. I.S.T.

    I remember it very well. I specially remember the excellent way in which you used to introduce the Topic for each show specially “Dr. Scott Hahn”.

    I also loved watching reruns of the other awesome shows that you have done with Dr. Scott Hahn like “Hail Holy Queen” and “The Lamb’s Supper”.

    I have gone through some of your talks on “The Church Fathers”. They are out of this world.

    I have a keen interest in “The Church Fathers”.

    My Favorite Church Fathers are 1) Saint John Chrysostom, 2)Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, and 3) Saint Gregory of Nyssa just to mention a few.

    I believe that Saint John Chrysostom was known as “The Saint with the Golden Tongue”.

    I have some background regarding “The Church Fathers” but I guess it will be better to tell you about that by email.

    Finally, I love the other shows on E.W.T.N. — For Example– “Life is worth Living” with Archbishop Sheen. Again, they were reruns with Joe Campanella as the Anchor but they were excellent in their content.

    Archbishop Sheen was sheer genius in my opinion.

    I also love Marcus Grodi and his show “The Journey Home”.

    Keep in touch.

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