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Angels in the Scrolls

Kevin at Biblicalia is doing great work for the Republic. Today he posted two beautiful translations from the Hebrew. Kevin’s Eastern Orthodox; but to help his Western friends celebrate the feast of the archangels, he translated one of the Songs of Sabbath Sacrifice from the Dead Sea Scrolls. It’s a liturgy of angelic worship and earthly worship, perfect for the day. He also posted a Grace After Meals found in the Qumran library. This prayer is significant because of its similarity to one of the eucharistic prayers of the Didache. Kevin’s discussion of the Didache’s Jewish resonances is illuminating. Don’t miss these posts. And don’t forget to thank Kevin for making these translations. He’s promised us something good from the Greek, coming up soon.

If you’re interested in the ritual fragments found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, see the book Liturgical Works in Eerdmans’ series of Commentaries on the Dead Sea Scrolls. The author is James Davila, whose blog PaleoJudaica you should know by now.

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  1. Thanks, Mike, that’s very kind. I hope everyone enjoys them! Now, on to the next!

  2. Which I await with unabated breathlessness.

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