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Train Your Monocle on the Noncanonical

But back to Jim Davila for a moment. Jim, who blogs at PaleoJudaica, was in Ottawa this weekend to present a paper titled More Christian Apocrypha. The paper’s worth your perusal. He’s cataloging the efforts by scholars around the world to translate the noncanonical ancient texts attributed to the apostles, prophets, and other biblical characters. These texts are not inspired, of course, not inerrant, and not what we call “Scripture,” but they tell us much about the early Church, its concerns and, sometimes, its lunatic fringes. With all the current scholarly activity Jim describes, we have a lot of fascinating reading to look forward to.

(But what would Jerome say?)

2 thoughts on “Train Your Monocle on the Noncanonical

  1. Most painful pun ever


  2. I’ll wear that award proudly! Bestowed by Oxford, no less.

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