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Odds and Ends

Maria Lectrix, the ubersource for audio of the works of the Fathers, has just posted the first installment of Tertullian’s On Patience. For Tertullian to write on patience is kind of like Jerome writing on meekness. Don’t miss it. And raise an Ave for Maureen, the blog’s hostess and narratrix-in-chief. She’s down sick this week.

• While you’re listening to Maureen’s best imitation of Tertullian, you can check her website for progress on her gradual transcription of Thomas Livius’s great work The Blessed Virgin in the Fathers of the First Six Centuries. She’s not only typing it up; she’s also annotating it with a useful glossary. Once you’ve been suitably impressed, then raise another Ave for Maureen’s return to health.

• Adrian Murdoch at Bread and Circuses got me thinking about inscriptions — and surfing around. Here and here are a couple of interesting sites on inscriptions from Christian antiquity.

• And, for those of you who want to learn Coptic, there are these recent sightings: a book, So, You Want to Learn Coptic?, and software, The Sahidic Coptic Collection.