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How Can I Keep from Digging?

The International Herald Tribune captures just a bit of the coolness of Rome.

Of all the old sayings about the Eternal City at least one remains simply true — dig a deep hole almost anywhere here, and you’ll unearth an archaeological artifact, or two.

Yet a wave of public and private building projects is suddenly focusing unusual attention on Rome’s rich subterranean world as one treasure after another emerges at a steady clip.

“We’re walking on the world’s largest untapped underground museum,” said Maria Antonietta Tomei, a government official responsible for coordinating archaeological digs in Rome.

During the last week, reports surfaced that 800 coins from the fourth and fifth centuries B.C. had been unearthed during the reconstruction of a movie theater near the Trevi Fountain.

If you join us for our May 2007 pilgrimage, we’ll probably ask you not to carry on any covert digs by night — unless you’re digging into a plate of pasta.